Welcome to Jubilee’s Men’s Ministry… 'The Men's Room'

It is with pleasure and honour that we welcome you to Jubilee Christian Centre’s (JCC) Men’s Ministry.
We are a group of men who have set out to help all men become ‘True Men of God’.






 Here at JCC we provide the platform for men to find out how their relationship with God can give them a life of significance, purpose and to positively influence their role as husband, father, brother and son. 


Our Mission ...

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” ( John 15v13)

To develop men to be all that God wants them to be by focusing on ‘Creating Stronger Family’ and promoting sound Christian family values and  to encourage men to live for Christ: in their homes; in their workplaces; in their leisure; and everywhere.

Our Vision for the future...

“And He shall...turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just” (Luke 1 v 17)

For men to become strong spiritual leaders in order to establish a sound family life style, showing love, compassion and headship to their wife and children.

Our Plan of Action ..

There is an urgent call for men to stand up and be counted, God desires to stir the hearts of men to become all He created them to be.
We aspire to actively tackle issues which cause dysfunction among men, and that cause family breakdown.

o    We aim to support young men in their growth and maturity to adulthood.

o    We aim to support men in their choice of marriage so they can invest and reap “good fruits” that come from a joyful partner and friend.

o     Prepare, motivate and challenge men as fathers, to improve their fathering skills, and become godly dependable fathers to their children.

o     Going through separation and divorce is among life’s worst experiences. We recognise this and aim to develop a support group to help restore marriages and/or rebuild life after divorce

o     To assist and nurture men in becoming active participants in the life of the church, and positively influence others around them.  

o     Encourage men to be trustworthy and fulfil their ministry in their places of work

o    We aim support single men in celibacy, building relationships with the opposite sex, loneliness and separation

o     To work with men achieve full and absolute deliverance from all kinds of  addictions. 

o     We are each others’ keeper...