In 1955 members of the Bible Church of God contacted their headquarters in Cleveland Tennessee when they were told of congregations in Bedford, Birmingham and Bristol.

This led to Bible Church renting a hall at Eastfield School on Willenhall Road. From there the brethren went back to worshipping at Pastor Davis' home which was now a room at 10 Lea Road, Pennfields.

As more brethren came from the West Indies Pastor Davis saw it fit to ask the husband of a new convert Mr L. Lindsay if they could have services in his home. The request was granted and the brethren congregated at 35 Merridale Street for Sunday services. This was during the years of 1960 to 1962.

In December 1962 the church was officially organised with 14 members, led by Pastor Davis. The officers were as follows: Elfreda Lindsay was appointed Church Clerk and Deacon Levi Alexander the Treasurer. The congregation then moved to Graiseley School where they rented a small hall.

As the lord blessed and the congregation grew, they then moved to the YWCA hall, Penn Road, Wolverhampton, still under the leadership of Pastor E Davis. Sadly Pastor Davis went on to meet the Lord in 1975.

Pastor Davis was succeeded by the now Bishop H. J Fearon from August 1978 to July 1982. Pastor B. V. Matthews served the church from Aug 1982 to July 1985. From August 1985 to 1993 Deacon E Millen served as pastor and it was during his pastoral tenure that the church purchased and refurbished St. Paul’s church hall regular place of worship.

Bishop S A Mcken became the pastor from August 1993 to September 1998. The baton was the passed in October 1998 to Pastor Llewellyn Graham, the current Pastor.