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Who we are...

Jubilee Community Support Centre was established in February 2009 and aims to be a registered charity by July/August 2009. The organisation was set up in response to the social action agenda of Jubilee Christian Centre, having considered the increased levels of unemployed, the impact of the ‘Credit Crunch’ and the increasing cost of living, members felt that today’s families were faced with unique challenges that were unknown years ago and/or not as critical as in the past e.g. credit problems, absent fathers, domestic problems etc. The members were very passionate in their commitment in providing help in ‘Restoring’ and assisting with ‘Improving the quality of life’ of those people that who found themselves struggling and generally for those families in crisis.

The organisation will provide practical, physical and supportive services to the local community in Graiseley, Pennfields and surrounding areas. The objectives and powers of the organisation and the role of the Trustee Board are laid down in the Memorandum and Articles.