Practice Room Rules:

1)      The practice room is available on a first come first served basis during posted building hours and are for the exclusive use of registered aspiring or musicians of Jubilees Christian Centre.  

2)      Please treat the equipment with care and use the equipment safely.

3)      Do not remove any equipment (Drums sticks, headphones, cables, music stands, drum thrones or any other equipment) from the practice room.

4)      Please bring your Sticks. Stick will not be provided by JCC/JCSC.

5)      No eating or drinking in the practice Room.

6)      If you notice any problems with rooms or any equipment is missing or has been damaged, please report this to the responsible authorised Person immediately. And complete a damage / issue record sheet. This also applies if you have damaged it yourself.

7)      The room can be reserved whenever there is a free slot. A practice time can be booked by signing up for a slot on the booking sheet located in main office next to JCSC attendance sign in Book.

8)      When signing up on the booking sheet, please enter your Contact details against the time slot(s) requested.  This will to allow others to contact you for whatever reason - forgotten items, booking change requests etc...

9)      Cancelling reservations:

If you happen to know that you will not be able to use the room during a booked slot, make every effort to remove your name from the booking sheet in advance. This will allow others to book the room.

10)  Be considerate towards other users and do not book too many slots during the week at peak times (School Holidays). If this becomes an issue, a limit will be enforced on the number of such bookings during these times.

11)  The practice room is not sound proofed. So there are times where amplified music is restricted and only headphones can be used.  Amplified music should not be played during church services and certain functions held in the main auditorium

A pair of headphones is provided, but you are free to use your own.

12)  We can provide a ‘Y’ cable to allow another person to listen in on the session

13)  Practice sessions are limited to 1 hour.

14)  Keys for room must be picked up within 10 minutes of the specified time or the entire reservation may be forfeited during busy periods

15)  During very busy periods, If you leave the room for more than 10 minutes, please be aware that you may be forfeiting possession of the space.

16)  Book the room only for yourself or on behalf of your child and for the purpose of music practice only.

17)  All children must be supervised and accompanied by an adult, unless agreed by JCC Staff

18)  Parent or guardian to provide music tutor if one is required during the session.

Bro Shawn Davies is a drum tutor please contact him.

19)  Do not leave your sticks or equipment or personal belongings unattended, or as a means of holding the practice room. Personal items left overnight may be disposed of by JCC/JCSC staff.

20)  Do not let unauthorized persons have access to the practice space

21)  Safety first! Please take precautions when practicing after hours.

22)  Please keep the room in a tidy state during practice.

23)  Please Leave Drums and Room in the same condition you would like to find it when you arrive, i.e. clean, in order, no trash.

24)  Turn off equipment, lights and close doors

(For rooms requiring a key, close AND lock the door), when you leave.

25)  Safety and Security Remember: 


You  MUST sign  in  the JCSC day register in the Main Office area. So even if you only decide  to  use part of your session, it  is  essential  that  you  book  in  so  that  JCC / JCSC Staff knows who is on site or who was on site for security and health and safety purposes.